Providing high-quality care to adults who are too busy to be in pain


We are Camaron and Christina, two Doctors of Physical Therapy on a mission to make a difference.

After working in the outpatient setting for several years, we realized that the traditional model of physical therapy wasn't serving our patients the way we felt they deserved.

We believe that it is absolutely unacceptable for you to have to work with technicians for the majority of your session, share your therapist with other patients during your visit, perform the same exercises you do at home instead of receiving hands-on care, be unable to easily get in touch with your therapist, receive surprise bills, and have your insurance dictate how many visits you receive.

You deserve SO MUCH better.

We decided to take a stand against the broken system and build an innovative new practice focused on respect for your time, transparent costs, and a personalized and proactive approach to care.

We provide an Elevated wellness experience through personalized physical treatment in a comfortable location of your choosing

With Elevated PT, you can expect to receive empathy, encouragement, and education at every session.

We ensure that active adults can stay active

We come to YOU!

We know that you are busy.

Just tell us where to meet you, and we'll see you there.

24/7 access to your doctor of physical therapy

Contacting your healthcare provider has never been easier.

We want to hear from you!

Get better faster & have longer lasting results

We believe that healthcare should feel like self-care.

Let us take care of you the way that you deserve.

No surprise bills

Forget copays, deductibles, and surprise bills. We are fully transparent on costs.

We will never send you a bill.

Getting older doesn't have to be painful, exhausting, or depressing.

We will guide you using movement as medicine to help you feel your best and live your best life.

Physical Therapy

Each session is undividedly one-on-one with your physical therapist, and formulated specifically for you.

Establishing close relationships with our patients is important to us. We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, overlapping sessions, or passing you off to an aid, tech, or assistant during your session.

Wellness and Exercise Programming

Client-driven health care is the future, and we believe that you know when you don't feel yourself and need a tune up.

This option might be best for you if you are not currently in pain, but you would like to prevent it. These sessions can also be helpful to improve your overall function and performance.

We offer these services in-person and virtually.

Return to Activity Training

We are dedicated to helping you enjoy your life again, whether it be returning to a specific hobby, activity, sport, or skill. Want us to meet you at the golf course? pickleball court? local track or running trail? the marina? Let's do it!

We focus on what is important to YOU. The best exercise is the one you enjoy.

It's time to ELEVATE your life!

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